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Instantaneous Evolution

I check out the sun almost everyday on the SOHO satellite website.  One can pick a satellite and play a video for any timeframe where there is data available.  If you go back four years, there is absolutely no sunspot activity, but go back 10 years and there is similar activity.  Since we just finished the weakest solar minimum in history in 2008, it’s logical to conclude that we are going to see the maximum in human history this year or next year, and this maximum may very well be special.

Possibly, we are going to see CERN discover that the Higgs Boson does not exist, and that what they thought was the Higgs is another dimension called time-space.  Most of the major discoveries point to this being the case but physicist can’t grasp the concept, so they ignore it and invent stuff to fill the gap, hence the Higgs Boson/God particle.

Apparently, many of the problems CERN has had in the past few years plus the result of their 3.5 TeV proton beam experiment has scared them.  The top dogs at CERN recently stated that it is like the LHC is being sabotaged by someone in the future that knows just where to hit them and how to prevent them from conducting the full power test.  That’s a bizarre statement coming from a particle physicist with such clout.  They have recently, last month, decided to NOT go to full power as planned until 2014.  Full power was scheduled for the end of the year.

CERN apparently opened a little doorway and got a peek at energy they cannot explain when they collided the protons in 2011.  What happens if the doorway does not close?  Could we create a star and destroy us all?

Other physicists proclaim to time cloak an object.  This is an astounding discovery that means the object while time cloaked cannot exist in our perception of reality.  All objects must have a position and time to exist.  Both of these experiments indicate to me that there exists a place that matter (mass and energy) exists that is outside our current realm of detection and comprehension.

Once mankind becomes aware of this place, we will have to accept the fact that this place has been intentionally hidden from us to keep us here generating revenue for those who are in control.  Can science have made a tremendous blunder with their current understanding of the cosmological model and human consciousness?  Absolutely.  Can stars be an electromagnetic effect that creates all matter (quantum particles) and not a nuclear furnace as we are all taught?  Evidence suggests this is much more than a possibility.

Consider the sun’s interior as a gateway to time-space, and the hydrogen and other ions in the sun are created from time-space through an electromagnetic effect similar to an incandescent light bulb.  The white light we see from the bulb appears to be from the surface of the bulb, but we know that current is applied to an internal filament from an outside source; which produces the photons that appear to manifest from the surface of the bulb.  That’s why the sun is hotter on the surface than inside.  The surface of the sun is where pure energy is converted into mass and heat.

The sun could very well be the opposite of a black hole by shooting light out into the universe from a singularity that does not collapse, but produces matter instead of consuming it.  Call it a white hole, the opposite of a black hole.  Stars produce light where a black hole devours light.   Close the singularity and the sun stops producing light like a light switch was turned off, and the sun collapses under its own gravity into a chunk of dark matter and dark energy.  So all the detected dark matter and energy that makes up 90% of the universe could be stars that are turned off, emit no light, but possess gravity.

The sun emits light.  All stars we see emit light with huge variations in wavelength.  We do not know exactly how small these wavelengths can get because we cannot measure them.  However, there is no evidence to support this spectrum does not exist.  In fact, science says it does.  These short wavelengths that we do not detect could be at magnitudes near the Planck Scale (10-35 meters).

If this scenario is possible, we may see human evolution caused instantaneously by the sun later this year.  This is going to sound crazy but this theory is based on scientific facts.

The pineal gland is a receptor of light in the center of our heads.  It has cones and rods like the eyeball that receive high frequency radiation like microwaves and shorter wavelengths such as gamma rays.  The rays pass through the body like a cell phone microwave passes through your house and your head while in use.

What does this mean and how can this relate to a human being?

It is reported that the pineal gland has more blood flow/organ mass than any other organ in the body except the heart.  The rods and cones that are similar to the interior of the eyeball.  We know these rods and cones in the eyeball take light and process the light into information that is sent to the brain where the brain processes the information into images.

So what is going on inside the pineal gland inside the center of the head where there is no lens to focus the light and allow light to enter that requires such a tremendous blood flow?  The pineal gland does not receive visible light but very high frequency light capable of traveling through tissue.  This light (electromagnetic radiation) is received by the pineal gland and is used to control the production of melatonin for the purpose of regulating the human sleep cycle.  When it gets dark, the gland does not receive the light signal (EM radiation); and as a result, the pineal gland produces melatonin to help the human mind escape its perception of reality while the body rests.  In other words, we dream.

Now what happens when the signal frequency is changed?  Consider a radio receiver.  What happens when one changes the channel? The output changes and we hear a different channel.  Can the same channel changing occur in the pineal gland, and if so, what is in store for humanity when the channel changes?

The pineal gland will receive these new signals and the pineal gland will tell the brain to create and secret certain chemicals (enzymes) that will cause certain codes in our DNA to be turned on or off.  The pineal gland already sends signals to the brain to secrete melatonin when it is dark so this isn’t a stretch by any means.  The extreme blood flow is required to remove the heat that is introduced by the new EM radiation.   Without the blood flow to remove and regulate the produced heat, our pineal gland could heat up to a point that damage may occur.

The melatonin molecule is very similar, almost identical to N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, DMT, a very strong hallucinogen, except for a small molecule added to the end of the melatonin molecule.  When ingested, one will have an out of body experience where their mind becomes non-local like a quantum particle similar to when we are asleep.  This may be where it all starts.  We get zapped with a new frequency of planck scale light, and our pineal gland makes DMT and tells the brain to activate the DNA, instant changes occur, and then we WAKE UP.  We instantly remember.  We remember all of humanities past, all of our past lives, and all of everyone else’s.  We instantly become connected to everything through time-space.  We actually always were, but we just didn’t have the ability to know.

Could this be what causes instincts in animals?  Animals must be informed on how to survive.  A species DNA allows them to process a limited amount of information that is stored in time-space.  This information tells them what to eat, when to procreate, how do identify danger, etc.  Same goes for some human characteristics.  That’s why some may say they can communicate with the dead, be psychic, have precognitive abilities, or appear to be super human.

When the new frequency flips the switch in our DNA, this may instantly give us abilities, information and knowledge that are hidden and presumed impossible today and could connect us to the place where the time cloaked particle is while cloaked and where the extra energy comes from at CERN.  The place known as time-space, hyperspace, prespacetime, heaven, and many other terms.

December 21, 2012 could be the ZAP DAY, when the sun nails us with super high frequency light triggering an evolutionary response in all living organisms in range to receive the signal.  This could be the driving factor in evolutionary leaps and why there is NO MISSING LINKS.

If I’m wrong, no harm no foul.


5 responses

  1. S.N.Mokashi

    21st Dceember 2012 is Friday and in Mayan Calendar this day is . Will this day have the effect of Friday the 13th ? – SNM.

    February 1, 2012 at 9:07 am

  2. Namrata Katkar

    what will happen 2012 in my life?

    February 4, 2012 at 4:23 am

  3. Namrata Katkar

    when i got a good job??

    February 4, 2012 at 4:27 am

  4. Duane

    How can you rip this information off from David Wilcock without giving any credit ? Not cool.

    March 29, 2012 at 7:16 am

  5. John Doe

    I found this website while attempting to confirm some details of visions that my wife has had. It seems that my wife’s “vision” contained information regarding some future disaster near the end of 2012. The gist of the vision was that the expected date (12/21/2012) would come and go without incidence, leaving those who were looking for it, scratching their heads. But it would then come after a brief interval and there would be great destruction…and that I was to help. During the time that I was searching for more information, I looked at other websites as well. One of them was that of the Farsight Institute. The Farsight Institute employs a technique known as remote viewing in order to gather information. During an extensive experiment to view climate changes in the near future (2013) an unusual set of readings occurred.

    Let me preface what I am about to say by telling you that I worked briefly around some of those involved in the Government’s Remote Viewing program. They are very stable and honorable people who served our country with distinction. Some of our government’s agents are involved with the Farsight Institute and I believe that the others who work with them are trained and perform at an equivalent level. You may go to Farsight’s web page and get a more detailed understanding of their work and methodology.

    As I mentioned earlier, some unusual findings occurred during one of the remote viewing sessions designed to gather information on future (2013) climate changes. What the remote viewers saw was far different then what they were tasked to observe. Remember that the remote viewers are completely blind to their task. They have no hint of information about what they are looking for…and they are completely unaware of what each other is doing and seeing.

    What they each individually and independently observed was startling…wide spread flooding, destruction by earthquakes, volcanic activity, meteor activity, mass, self-organized evacuations, a break down in emergency services and on and on. The level of destruction was beyond Biblical in proportions. I sat thinking quietly after reading this information. I am skeptical of such prognostications but am familiar with the process and trust it. There was however one twist to these viewings…they were for the future and I knew that predicting the future was impossible…or so I thought.

    It seems that the Institute had developed and confirmed, through experimentation, a way to accurately observe future events through use of something they called a Temporal Out Bounder. After thinking it over for a while, I left my office and went to find my wife. I told her that I required her participation in an experiment. Bear in mind that she did not know what I was going to ask or that I had even read about this. For that matter she did not have any knowledge of this website about other’s dreams.

    When I found her we sat on the sofa and I told her what I had in mind. I then asked her to tell me what she could remember of the future starting in June of 2013 and the previous six months. In effect, she was her own Temporal Out Bounder. What she saw surprised me…even the way that she presented her information was surprising.
    She told me of massive flooding around the world, of earthquakes, volcanoes and the destruction they produced. At one point she said she saw streaks in the sky. I ask her what she meant by streaks and she responded “Just streaks.” I asked her, “Do you mean meteors?” She then said in a surprised tone, “Yes, Meteors!” I asked her if she could remember when this activity began and she replied that she could. JANUARY 3rd, 2013.

    I was filled with questions and did not know which to voice first. I ask her if these disasters were caused by the meteors, solar activity or by some other planet? She said no. I was again surprised. “What then, I asked, caused it?” She said that there was a naturally occurring phenomenon that somehow distorted space and that we had passed through it. By virtue of some force (gravitational I assumed) it put pressure on the planet and caused the earthquakes, floods, volcanic activity and that even the meteors were in some way caused by it.

    I then asked her where the safest places were. She said the people that had survived were far inland and not near the coasts. They avoided falling objects and areas prone to volcanic activity. She went on to say that preparation was important because food and water would be in short supply.

    I have had so very many confirmations of this information from different sources since this time. I have been warned repeatedly over a period of two years and now I am warning you. Will it happen? I honestly can’t tell you but my thought is this… It is better to be prepared and not need it then to need it and not be prepared. With that in mind, I have prepared well. Sometime next month my wife and I will move to a remote area I believe to be safe. Our children and families will be with us during the time indicated (they do not know about this). I have stocked six months of food and water and all the necessities. I advise you to err on the side of caution even if you do not believe anything will happen.
    One word of caution: DO NOT HAVE FEAR. Look at this as an adventure. I cannot tell you why I say this but it is vitally important.

    Good luck to you and may God bless us all.

    November 4, 2012 at 5:41 am

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