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Origin of the Universe



The current theory concerning gravity authored by Albert Einstein suggests that as space, time, energy, and matter (STEM) enters a black hole, a singularity forms which forces STEM into an infinitely small single point.  Time slows, never stops, but continues to slow down infinitely.  Space is compressed into a single point forever and matter is compressed to an infinitely large mass.  This theory is very hard to comprehend and may not be entirely correct.  There must be an end point at which atoms become so close together that quantum spin is interfered with, slowed and eventually stopped.

I offer the suggestion that there is a point within the singularity at which STEM are compressed so that quantum spin can no longer occur.   At this point something strange happens.   When spin stops, matter cannot exist in our physical universe and if observable would appear to disappear.  At this point, STEM collapses out of existence and no longer exists in our STEM universe.   The question then becomes this.  If matter and energy cannot be created nor destroyed, then where does the STEM go?

When STEM collapses occurs, it evaporates out of existence as quantum spin is slowed to a stop.  Collapsed STEM enters another dimension identified by others by the terms hyperspace, prespacetime, and other terms.  For the purpose of this document, the term prespacetime will be used to identify the dimension that existed before the creation of our universe and now outside of our STEM universe.  Prespacetime is dimensionless, timeless, matter less, and energy less as we can understand it.

Since STEM are collapsed in the absence of quantum spin, the only thing that exists in prespacetime is consciousness and collapsed STEM.   Therefore, in the absence of the effects of General Relativity, consciousness can travel from a black hole to any place in the universe in any time emerging (leaking) into our universe in all points in vacuum space without experiencing the effects of General Relativity.

Consciousness spans all times and all places and can explain quantum entanglement.  It is consciousness in prespacetime that makes quantum entanglement possible.  This is the source of vacuum energy.  The source of the 10107 Joules that quantum physicists claim exists in a cubic centimeter of vacuum space.

Some scientists call this a potential source of zero point energy.  Energy from nothing, but this is only an illusion.  This is not zero point energy.  This energy comes from prespacetime where all the energy in all the black holes retires too eventually.  As consciousness enters our physical universe on the quantum level, the STEM that was collapsed into consciousness deep within the black hole emerges (leaks) into our physical universe. Here consciousness starts quantum spin from collapsed STEM.  The instant spin begins quanta emerge creating STEM at almost all points in available vacuum space.

The measurement of extra gravity throughout the universe has long perplexed modern scientists.  Einstein’s equations estimate that there must be about 10 times more matter in the universe than can be currently measured.  These scientists call this dark matter, and the energy associated is referred to as dark energy because they have no other solution but to make up a variable so that Einstein’s equations hold true.  The fact is no one yet knows what causes the measured effects; at least, no one is saying until now.

These measured gravity effects are caused by the emergence of consciousness and collapsed STEM from prespacetime.  Consciousness emerges from prespacetime giving rise to quantum spin.  Without consciousness to kick start quantum spin, our universe would not exist at all.

Quantum spin causes space to expand as matter and energy materialize in a very small fraction of expanding space near the Planck Scale.   The amount of matter is very small compared to the amount of expanding space so that the materialization of matter is not directly measureable.  The newly spinning matter and energy must accumulate over time before the gravity effects are measurable.  It has taken 13.7 billion years to get to the point we are now and we are still moving toward equilibrium.

This phenomenon is similar to what caused the Big Bang but on different scales.  Consider the Big Bang as the initial conscious leakage of STEM into what we now call our universe.  As the universe emerged from a single point, there became more points in space for prespacetime and STEM to emerge from causing a nearly instantaneous grand explosion.  The instant more space is created, the instant more points are available to create more space, and since there is no time in prespacetime, all this happened in less than a billionth of a second as observed from a point in newly created space.

The rise of STEM can be considered the opposite of a black hole.  The black hole compresses and the opposite (mini-white hole) expands, but the expansion takes place throughout the universe at most points in vacuum space while a black hole is a singularity.  Black holes compress to a point and whiteholes expand from a point.

Currently, the amount of STEM flowing from a singularity to vacuum space does not appear equal as one would think.  There appears to be more STEM flowing from vacuum space than is consumed by blackholes as evidenced by the acceleration of expanding space.  Prespacetime and spacetime are not in equilibrium and won’t be until the STEM going in all the blackholes equals the STEM emerging from prespacetime.  So as long as prespacetime continues to leak more STEM than blackholes take in, equilibrium will not be achieved and space will continue to accelerate its expansion.

Scientists have measured expanding space but have no idea of the cause as shown herein.

Where is the evidence that STEM can collapse?  The evidence is everywhere.

We have mentioned quantum entanglement as evidence.  One way quantum particles can remain entangled is for the particles to move instantly through prespacetime independent of distance and time constraints.  Consciousness causes the entangled particle to rise to superposition, becoming independent of STEM so the entangled particles can communicate by collapsing through prespacetime in a distant location at the exact instant or before it leaves the original position independent of the constraints of General Relativity.

The existence of ESP, and the recent studies showing humans have precognitive abilities is also evidence that supports this theory.  In this study, subjects can determine events before they happen.  This seems unbelievable, but it is true.

The famous double slit experiment is evidence that a quantum function can collapse.  The wave function collapses to a particle function when human operated measuring devices observe the quantum particles.

The GEO600 experiments in Hanover Germany that are in search of the graviton have picked up noise that is not accounted for.  This noise is evidence of STEM leakage from prespacetime similar to the air leaking from a punctured tire with a slow leak.

The discovery that space has a uniform temperature provides evidence to support this theory.  If one has 10 well-insulated boxes and hooks a single refrigeration unit to all 10 boxes so that all boxes receive the same temperature air, the thermometers in all 10 boxes should read the same.  Hence, if prespacetime is the refrigeration unit  and the boxes represent all points in space, then we should expect all space to be the same temperature because the source of all space is the same.

The discovery that quasars do not experience time dilation is evidence of STEM collapse, but this is another discussion entirely and will be covered in the next section.

The 3.5 Tv proton collisions conducted at the Large Hadron Collider yielded unexpected results in December 2010.  Protons are made of three quarks. When two collide, it is expected that they should produce 6 quarks. Quarks are the smallest particles known.  They cannot be split or broken down into smaller parts. When the LHC smashed the protons together, hundreds of extra quark particles were measured.

How can this be?

Where did these particles come from?

Can particles appear from nothing or is this an illusion because we cannot perceive what is really happening?

These particles do not come from nothing but from another dimension just beyond the fabric of space-time and from a place where time and space have no meaning, prespacetime.  The fabric of space exists between particles so when particles are smashed together, the fabric of space that exists between the particles is smashed as the particles smash together.  The energy of the impact is high due to the E = MC2. The mass is very small but squaring the speed of light twice focuses an enormous amount of energy on a very small quark sized point on the fabric of space.  The kinetic energy is transferred to the fabric of space the instant of the collision.  This rips a quark-sized hole in the fabric of space.  When the quarks collide, they bounce off each other leaving an open quark-size hole for a newly formed quark to emerge.  The size must be just right for consciousness to spin the quark into existence.  The rip seals quickly.  This happened hundreds of times in the 256 packages of 100-million protons.

The big questions are:

What is going to happen when the LHC is run at full power?

What will a 7 TV collision produce?

What is going to happen if the rip doesn’t immediately seal?

Could an open hole in the fabric of space be the cause of the Big Bang?

Could the fabric of space pop like a ballon wiping out all the matter in the universe, and start over in a plasma soup?

It’s time to slow down and take a hard look at the LHC data.

Although none of this evidence by itself is conclusive, when one puts it all together, the best fit solution to date may be shown above.

We would love to hear your comments!


11 responses

  1. Notice the first ever photographed black hole in the Orion Nebula just to the right. It is small but it is there. The nebula provides a background contrast so the black hole can be seen. The black hole is about to consume a star. Pretty cool… BLACK HOLE ———>

    January 28, 2011 at 3:21 pm

  2. alan

    How about a pointer fixed on this black hole in there picture?


    June 16, 2011 at 6:16 pm

  3. Gabriel

    I’ve always had a personal issue with darkmatter. The theory herein also has similar multiple leaps of faith and is not entirely rooted in observable facts by any means. So- we’ve traded in one weak theory for another. All that said, -It’s all we can currently do to try to figure out what’s going on at the moment, without any additional observable data to fill in the blanks. It’s definitely interesting to ponder… I have had some creative thoughts myself that are very similar to this. Thanks for making me think…

    June 30, 2011 at 4:06 pm

  4. mm

    anyone with a brain or half a brain can tell the image is a photo shop artwork…

    July 25, 2011 at 5:45 am

  5. fred

    I’m forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubble in the air…
    It got lonely, I just wanted someone to talk too…


    September 25, 2011 at 10:09 pm

  6. fred

    I’ll tell you what will happen when they turn LHC to full power,

    My Mum will never be able to sell her ski chalet in Geneva…

    Ever noticed the cern weebsite logo

    it looks like 666

    September 25, 2011 at 10:22 pm

  7. fred


    September 25, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    • fred

      Roll over the pretty bubbles you will be like Vangelis…


      September 25, 2011 at 10:50 pm

  8. Serj

    You wrote:
    “As the universe emerged from a single point, there became more points in space for prespacetime and STEM to emerge from causing a nearly instantaneous grand explosion. The instant more space is created, the instant more points are available to create more space, and since there is no time in prespacetime, all this happened in less than a billionth of a second as observed from a point in newly created space.”

    Doesn’t it mean that the process of hyper-inflation should have been still going on? Why then did it stop? Or did I miss something…

    January 7, 2016 at 12:53 am

    • Hyperinflation is still happening. The universe has expanded so much that the rate of expansion is almost unnoticeable because the observable universe is so large.

      January 7, 2016 at 4:42 am

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