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Quasars, Time Dilation, and Relativity Related To Consciousness

The discovery that quasars do not experience time dilation is evidence of space, time, energy, mass (STEM) collapse, but to understand this part, one must understand Special Relativity.   Some in the main stream will say that I do not understand Special Relativity.  To those I say, I will agree if you show me what inertial reference frame applies to all objects because every object in the universe is in motion relative to other objects.  It’s all relative, right?

When two objects, one occupied by a conscious observer and one not, are moving in reference to one another with near the speed of light separation, the Lorentz Transformation equations apply to time, length and mass dilation.   However, there is a problem that arises with Special Relativity.  The problem is this.  What reference frame is the right frame to use for the stationary reference frame.  When there is one observer, the answer is still confusing.

Some say spacetime is the reference frame, but three dimensional space and time are variables and cannot be used as a constant reference frame.  So, whose reference frame is the valid reference frame?

To answer this question, it can be looked at from this perspective.  It depends on whether or not a conscious observer who is capable of observing the other exists.  Hence, the observer’s inertial reference frame is the stationary reference frame.

For example, let’s say we have two spaceships.  A clock exists in both ships and only one ship is equipped with a human observer and this observer can only see the other ship.  Let’s say for the purpose of this writing, the observer has a severe case of tunnel vision.  The ships separate at near the speed of light (C).  One ship with the observer sees the other ship with clock moving away at near C, and notices the clock on the other ship is moving slower than his clock due to Special Relativity.  Everything appears to follow Einstein’s equations and the Lorentz Transformations.

Now, add a second observer to the ship with just the clock that appears to be traveling with near the speed of light separation.  Keep in mind this has not been done.  Now both ships observe the other moving away at near C since they have no other reference frame but the other ship.  Since they both observe each other moving through space, both see the other’s clock moving slower than their clock.  Therefore, both clocks appear to slow down as observed by the other observer.  This is an illusion caused by speed and can be explained using light cones, but this is another page.

When brought back together both clocks should read the same because in relation to one another, both ships are moving at the same speed from one another.  Einstein’s equations and Lorentz Transformations appear to collapse when the second observer is added to the equation and both observers consider themselves the stationary observer when no other reference is available.

Now relate this to the double slit experiment.  When there is only one observing reference frame, the double slit experiment result shows a photon that behaves like a wave, but the instant a measuring device (second observer) is introduced to the experiment to watch and see which particle passes through the slit, the wave function collapses.  By adding another detector (third observer) the memory of collapse can be erased.

Now, back to the speeding ships.  When a third observer, say a man on earth, is added to the scenario with the other two shhips with observers and clocks, the Lorentz Transformations do not collapse.  The introduction of the third observer erases the above effects similarly to how the third observer (measuring device-photon detector) in the double slit experiment erases the memory of wave function collapse.  The introduction of the third observer causes the slowest observer of the three to become the stationary reference frame and both the other objects should experience dilation between the assumed stationary reference frame and each other.

Quasar Connection

Over the past 20 years quasars have been studied in detail.  The results of this study indicate quasars do not experience dilation effects.  Most scientists are confused about this phenomenon and cannot explain the result.

Scientists believe that quasars form from a super massive blackhole feeding on a galaxy’s accretion disk of stars.  The feeding process expels an enormous amount of energy into space with a detectable period.   Quasars are the most powerful objects in space.    Most quasars are very old and very far away.  Since quasars are considered to be a phenomenon associated with young galaxy formation in the distant past, most likely at some point in the Milky Way’s history, it was or could be a quasar that fed/feeds upon its young stars until the mass of the galaxy was/is reduced to levels unable to sustain the quasars extreme apatite.

So where did all that mass go that the Quasar consumes?

The main stream scientists do not know.  It just goes into the blackhole and we are all supposed to accept their vision even though there is no evidence. Talk about a leap of faith.

What does this have to do with Lorentz Transformations and Relativity?

Humans cannot directly observe a blackhole.  All humans can do is measure the effects of a blackhole on surrounding objects.  The super massive blackhole in the center of the Milky Way is thought to be there only because of the blackhole’s measurable effects on surrounding stars.  Super massive blackholes are thought to exist in the center of a quasar because of the effects the quasar produces and not because the blackhole itself is measurable.

Scientists determine the distance a galaxy or star is from the earth by the light we measure being emitted from it.   The more the light is shifted toward the infrared wavelengths, the older the galaxy or star.  However, when a quasar is measured, the redshift between 6 billion year old quasars is the same as 13 billion year old quasars indicating time dilation does not occur for these quasars with ages billions of years apart.

The solution to this problem is to realize that there is more going on here than age, time, and distance calculations.  The time dilation functions appear to collapse.  But what could cause such a collapse?

Now think back to the discussion on the ships.  When do the objects traveling away from each other experience dilation function collapse?  Remember, we are traveling away from quasars similar to the objects in the aforementioned scenario.

Most people now say, Earth is observing the quasar so quasars should experience dilation.  As long as only one side, earth side or quasar side, has the ability to observe, dilation works; but the instant a second observer is added, the dilation function between the quasars and earth collapses.

Hang on.  Remember the page titled, Origin of the Universe.  This page indicates that blackholes have consciousness within them; and that all STEM reside in another dimension inside the blackhole.  The dimension is prespacetime, a place where STEM cannot exist in the states that we can comprehend as in our universe.

Therefore, a blackhole can be considered a conscious observer.  As such, if we can observe the quasar and the quasar can observe us, then the quasar time dilation function collapses and all quasars appear to have the same redshift regardless of time, magnitude and direction of their inertial frame.

Thank you for reading.

I look forward to reading your comments.


11 responses

  1. Alexandra

    Extremely interesting and very helpfull. Gracias. I’m doing a report on quasars and your statement is very unusual. Though I’m not too thrilled with the idea of quasars watching me, that’s for sure.

    September 15, 2011 at 7:30 pm

  2. Erika

    Wonderfully written, I love the explanations. This made this complicated topic very clear to me, even with my very limited understanding of these complex theories. Thank you for writing this.

    October 27, 2011 at 3:23 am

  3. demon smasher

    This is one of the first explantions that has finally taking everything we have recently uncovered about the nature of conscious observation effect upon reality. Isn’t it funny how we are starting to learn the true nature of things right before an event that might cause us to loose most of what we learned. I feel the intuative nature of understanding scientific idea’s and that is why i have identified with your hypothesis. I know this is a little of the topic of quasars and relativity, but i wasn’t sure where to put my comment. Also i was wondering if you’ve heard anything about experiments with water and projecting thoughts of love or thoughts of hate to containers of water. They say that the hate water was bitter and burned, and the love water was smooth and tasted better. I thought that was interesting considering we are 70%+ water.

    January 5, 2012 at 1:58 am

  4. Your argument is based on the twin paradox which is solved using General Relativity which describes inertial frames changing due to forces acting on them it was long known that special relativity failed in these instances.

    March 10, 2012 at 2:36 pm

  5. azadeh

    it was perfect

    October 14, 2012 at 7:58 pm

  6. da Krushmor

    Do you really think that “consciousness” – that is really side product, produced with small bunch of organics. Can have affect of basic laws of nature. It just extremely senseless. Quantum effect collapse is explained with decoherence – it happens when single particle collides with chunk of matter, that contains very many particles. Really collapse as any other appearance is not absolute but quite. So “consciousness” here is in same connection, as elder in the garden with uncle in the Kiev. Observation device is particular accident of “large matter chunks” that causes quantums to collapse. From where in general info about wrong time compression near the quasars?

    October 30, 2012 at 9:40 am

  7. Adrian said: “it was long known that special relativity failed in these instances.”

    Einstein failed to add the Observer into the laws of relativity as a constant. It’s the only error he made I know of other than not trusting his own math regarding the cosmological constant that would have led him here to write this before he died and I was born and here was here. The only way you can remove a single constant Observer is to reverse the symmetry of the entire information frame, and that’s what he did and in doing so he put on the brakes….and he knew it. He refused to accept the dice and held on to common sense and simplicity at the heart of it all.

    It all boils down to understanding time in association with space and the Observer that is the only unit of measurement available, going beyond my time to explain how you do that and repeat myself in saying it again. The key to understanding what many now realize can be summed up in two sentences:

    Time is not relative to multiple observers at the same time. Time is relative to a Single Observer in multiple places in time.

    When you add the concept that the Observer displaces space, and space is the opposite of “something” you are on your way to understanding space but not time that will laugh at that statement and tell you space is real and an element so real it serves as the force carrier of gravity that can rip a star apart. Time shows us the concept of “nothing” does not exist in the presence of the Observer, BUT when the Observer turns it back you can slip the concept of nothing into an information frame using phase timing, and that is what Nature does. Every thought in your head is based upon a contradiction and opposite concept: Up needs down, in needs out, RIGHT NEEDS LEFT, and forward needs back, and middle needs all of it to go together in the proper phase timing. Every information frame has two sides: a simple side and a complex side. If you don’t start with the simple side first you will never make it to the other side. But the problem with the simple side is it is SO SIMPLE it’s blinding. It was the simplest thing in the Universe that creates the opposite of itself that the Great Professor left out causing him to get the symmetry of time backwards as he handed his work to a World that would have destroyed itself had He not done so.

    As smart as the Great Professor was….Nature was even smarter. Now it’s time for the World to know the truth.

    First Law of Real Relativity: Relative to an “Initial Inertial Frame of Reference” ….IE: a true inertial frame of reference the “experts” who have been handed more information to sort out the “ether” problem of reference than Einstein could have ever imagined on his own and have such a problem with it I had to rename it…..there is only One Observer. All other inertial frames are relative to each other, but not at the same exact time unless you pick a point to look at it all….and even that point will move forward and what I just said no longer applies as the information frame changes unless I was wrong.

    And I’ve never been wrong….just badly mistaken;-) Number’s aren’t people….they don’t lie.


    E=mc2 is only a unit of measurement not in effect. Neutrinos @ v-c/c=2.48 in 453.6 miles prove it when you add Stanford’s SLAC E158 data.

    Unless I’m wrong of course and a loose cable caused you to read this. Find out by disconnecting one and see what happens. You’ll still be there but you will see everything you see here goes away. How long it takes depends on which cable you cut. I’d be careful because all it takes to cut a cable in an information frame you want to be part of is a single lie and that is why people that avoid pain build a foundation on the truth. Trust in Mass…’ll get you there better than any lie told. It’s time to tune-up…..look alive.

    November 3, 2012 at 10:43 pm

  8. KJ

    Wow reading this has made me have a different perspective on time and space and hope some day we may better understand the events of a black hole it is said everything has its purpose and I hope we find its purpose some time in my lifetime I think it could hold the key to a lot of mysteries but for now this was very insiteful.

    January 28, 2013 at 11:16 am

  9. Teddy Samson

    Thank you I’m new here. I love reading about our universe. Thank you for the clear explanation about quarsa. Wish I could learn more.
    Teddy Samson
    South Africa

    August 1, 2015 at 7:53 am

  10. R. Excellente

    Time is not a stable condition and is relative to events by the observer. Time shifts and warps as events occur. The most distant (in time) events change time perception as time/space expands and is perceived from a different perspective by the observer. Just a the pitch of sound changes as space is increased( like a siren from an a ambulance becoming lower in pitch as the ambulance goes into the distance (sound Doppler) such is the same with time/space relationships. Have you ever watched old movie footage (of actual unstaged events)? A crowd of people seem to move faster (almost comical in nature). I consider this to be the”Time Doppler effect”. The time of past events becomes warped as time continues.

    January 11, 2017 at 7:04 pm

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